Notification of product recall for the bicycle you purchased from i am free bicycles - Model Bikes purchased between 7th January 2021 to 14 September 2021

added on :: 15 September 2021

Writing this to respectfully inform you to get your bicycle's handlebar replaced as soon as possible. Saying that, shall install a new handlebar free of charge. As the name says, this workshop has a duty of care to give you a safe, good bike.

If you could please bring in the bicycle to the workshop in Fitzroy (54 Johnston Street, Fitzroy 3065) can install the new handlebar and return the bicycle in 10 minutes. Due to this recall, workshop hours for repairs are weekdays 10AM to 5PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 3PM.

If you are not able to visit the workshop, good to visit at a location that is convenient for you and do the new handlebar changeover on the spot. If that is the case respectfully, has to be before 9:30AM or after 6:30PM during the week (weekends before 9:30AM or after 4:30PM). If you are interstate based or based in country Victoria good to post the new handlebar.

Writing this with you and your safety in mind. Reason to say this is, a customer concern was made in regards to the handlebar. While the bike was ridden the handlebar has bent. While there was no rider injury, sill this issue concerns me greatly. So ordered a new shipment of handlebars from a Melbourne based company straight away and wrote this message. Given that there was this issue reported about the handlebar I am bound to inform you to please discontinue riding the bike and get this new handlebar installed as soon as possible.

The bicycle would be returned fully sanitised. At all times, shall keep social distancing and be wearing a mask.

Please disregard this message if you requested a different handlebar at point of purchase.

If you on sold your bicycle, could you kindly forward this message to the new owner.

At the moment due to the Victorian Government lockdown restrictions, workshop day to day shop sales activities are temporarily discontinued. What is permitted is provide bicycle repair and critical maintenance. Also respectfully, I am not able to let you visit inside the workshop. I am able to collect the bicycle at front door and return it. If you have any concerns I can replace the handlebar on side of Johnston Street (in front of the workshop). As mentioned earlier, it takes around 10 minutes to do a handlebar changeover.

Sincerely apologise about any inconveniences this recall may have caused. It is important as a small bike workshop to make sure that you are riding a very safe bike. Since you put your trust in the small workshop to offer you good bike would honour the pledge to give you a good bike.

Thank you for deciding to ride an i am free bicycle.