As for real people behind i am free bicycles. There is me (your humble worker/owner/founder) and the factory (with more than 20 years in bringing solid quality bicycles to the world. )

The Factory

The factory is based in beautiful city of Hangzhou in China. Factory owner and staff are beautiful people. They started the bicycle factory 20 years ago. They also supply bikes to very large and successful companies around the world, especially to United States. I am free bicycles is privileged to work with them on bike projects. Their quality is second to none, you would see their fine workmanship on the bikes we sell. Also they have a very modern production line.

The factory is certified in ISO 9001 (ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS))

They are extremely efficient and care very much about the quality. Hope this does not sound too hard to believe. They go far beyond their call of duty to offer a quality bicycle. I believe you need that when you are making vehicles that is going to be ridden on public roads. So it is guaranteed that you would get a quality bike.

With the factory it is in a way an invisible partnership. We design bikes, they make them, they ship it. i am free offers bicycles to customers. So more bikes we offer more sales to the factory. That is why they put a lot of effort in to getting the bikes right. They spent days and days testing the upcoming belt driven bicycle. Same with designing a fork or a saddle. I have not worked with a factory that is understanding and patient like they are. In return i am free bicycles never engage in unreasonable bargaining practices with them or try to source cheap bikes. Not only unreasonable bargaining is unfair to the factory, also worried that they would put inferior parts or components to the bike to make up for the lost income due to bargaining.

We have been granted full access to a well qualified bicycle engineer with more than 10 years of bicycle manufacturing experience to work on bicycles as well as components. That is a very rare privilege. Also the factory sales manger rides an iamfree designed bike made by them to get to work and home (he guaranteed that he does not tell that to all his other customers).

Thanks to the factories' efficient supply chain and production methods, they have improved and cut non value adding production costs over the years. That led to reduction in production costs, which led to reduction in prices. Those reductions can be seen in our pricing where we believe we are the least expensive for the bikes that we sell throughout Australia for a bike with similar qualities and components.


My name is anthony and I like sunshine and bicycles. I started this little bike company and a huge bicycle nerd (also technology). I have been working with bicycles for ever. It was my childhood passion and pastime. Take a bike apart and fix it and do it all over again and again. Not so long ago I had six bikes lying around the house. Now have a lot more around me. So semi bike mad (may be proper bike mad:-)

With i am free bicycles, a little step at a time and hope is to make lots of people happy and to see them smile and also to make this company one of the best bicycle related companies.

I am based in beautiful Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, I like this part of the world a lot. Other than bicycles I really like to program code and design work. All these passions keep me occupied and grounded. I think I have a zero ego and like to assist people best I can.

I am originally from a small country called Sri Lanka. Now I am proud to say I am an Aussie. When I became one, I left to see the world. Saying that, I travelled this wonderful world for 10 years. I was looking for inspiration, looking to for good in people, bad in people so not do the same. I learned a lot from people. I cycled everywhere, in every city I went, first try to find a place to stay, then buy a bicycle, then find a library, then find work. A proper travel geek. So I am trying to pass on what I learn on my journeys and kindness begins with me.

Sometimes i feel lonely, that is ok and when I ride my bicycle that feeling goes away:-)

I think an important part of life is credibility and trust, so i am trying to build that. Here are some external web links of me to describe who i am as a person (don't believe everything what people say and don't try to judge people straight away, make little judgments on how they treat you :-)

Sorry if I am trying to promote my self, I'd rather say I am just me or I am a looser:-) and done with it. But I do the bicycle deigns my self, so I know that sometimes people like to know a bit about people behind any project. I like to say these bicycle are part mechanical and part artwork. Bringing a bicycle from idea to a reality is a worthwhile challenge and purely something that I believe would add value to someone.

When I opened this company and opened the store I had loads and loads of dreams. Same time as a very shy person I was so worried how I would be accepted, perceived and would I be able to wear the hat of a salesman, how would I be able to handle hearing no for my sales presentations?. These days I try to spend much time around people so I would not have to hide in a corner and write computer code all day. So I spent fair amount of time cycling, running or walking and one of the main reason to do so is, I learn from people and get my shyness out as best I can. It is a work in progress. Also "I am free" is not a personal narcissistic statement. With the responsibilieties and obligations that I have, like any other person I am just another person far from being free.

I believe people should ride more bicycles rather than drive around in motorised vehicles. I personally don't have any cars (rent one from a ride-share company if I have to). What I am trying to say is a push bike would do many of these day to day transport jobs. If you attach a bike trailer that is your friendly car boot. Raindrops or heavy wind does sometimes can be bit annoying, i just say let it rain, i can 't do anything about it and go. To be honest I like it when it rains on a warm day. So please consider cycling at least occasionally and buy a bike from i am free (cheeky ;-)

I am the self appointed chief product designer. I test ride i am free bicycles at least 6 times a week (much more in summer), on main roads, in the city and bike paths. Pretty much each ride go longer than a hour. So I spent lots and lots of hours riding i am free bikes mainly on the same route, that way I can concentrate more on the bike than the surroundings. I strongly believe never sell things that you would not use. I communicate all my findings on the bicycles to the factory. Come rain or sunshine I am out there in company bikes and it gives me lot of knowledge on these bikes. Also when I ride the bicycle I can be bit cheeky. I may put that i own this place face or i may pull a face or two to bring a smile to a face :-)

So back to the company. With i am free bicycles I hope to give you quality products and a service, and also hope to learn, grow and add and value to you every way I can.

Thank you

anthony de silva