His name is The Last Chosen One and is my friend. He likes to make people happy. He is 8 feet tall and not scared of anyone. People think he used to be a monkey :o) He demanded that his photo go as the logo on every i am free bicycle. Absolutely could not say no to that and weeeell I am not going to do that....
He thinks he is a full-time freedom fighter. Bit cheeky but not mean at all. He is very understanding. He believes in hard work and patience. Always says to himself please be normal. He is forever curious and sometimes feel like life is a big experiment. He respects courage, honesty and peacefulness. Always value the importance of a generous heart and always thinks that it would be nice to be someone nice. He says please think of me on a sunny day and if you are good he may like to spot trains with you or go for bike ride in a country road.
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Good thing about the last chosen one is everytime you ride an i am free bicycle he eats your bad fat. So he gets fat and you loose fat. I know he can be greedy at times but bear with him, he does this for you. If you want to keep all your fat I am sorry to say the Last Chosen One will not be happy because he likes people who share:-)
He demanded he has his own web page, his face on all i am free bicycles and everything in big. That is all for now because I don't frigin know what goes on in a monsters head:-)

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