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email: anthony [at] iamfree.com

mobile: 0414 516 903

telephone: 03 9417 0406 or
from overseas +61 3 9417 0406

For warranty claims, new sales inquiries, or services please contact on above details or via the contact form


Showroom at ( open from 10AM to 5PM everyday, other times please feel free to make an appointment to organise a time)

54 Johnston Street




Please visit and say hello to us at 54 Johnston Street, Fitzroy 3065 (Between Brunswick Street and Nicholson Street, on Johnston) and would be happy to see you. Showroom open for your service between 10AM to 5PM everyday including the weekends.

Company is fully open for your warranty claims, new sales and to answer any inquiries that you may have and happy to be of an assistance.

For a quick response contact lightning anthony on 0414 516 903

I am the form for your inquiries. Let's be friends

Front of the shop
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