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Notification of product recall for the bicycle you purchased from i am free bicycles - Model good.bike Bikes purchased between 7th January 2021 to 14 September 2021

added on :: 15 September 2021

Writing this to respectfully inform you to get your bicycle's handlebar replaced as soon as possible. Saying that, shall install a new handlebar free of charge. As the good.bike name says, this workshop has a duty of care to give you a safe, good bike.

If you could please bring in the bicycle to the workshop in Fitzroy (54 Johnston Street, Fitzroy 3065) can install the new handlebar and return the bicycle in 10 minutes. Due to this recall, workshop hours for repairs are weekdays 10AM to 5PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 3PM.

If you are not able to visit the workshop, good to visit at a location that is convenient for you and do the new handlebar changeover on the spot. If that is the case respectfully, has to be before 9:30AM or after 6:30PM during the week (weekends before 9:30AM or after 4:30PM). If you are interstate based or based in country Victoria good to post the new handlebar.

Writing this with you and your safety in mind. Reason to say this is, a customer concern was made in regards to the handlebar. While the bike was ridden the handlebar has bent. While there was no rider injury, sill this issue concerns me greatly. So ordered a new shipment of handlebars from a Melbourne based company straight away and wrote this message. Given that there was this issue reported about the handlebar I am bound to inform you to please discontinue riding the bike and get this new handlebar installed as soon as possible.

The bicycle would be returned fully sanitised. At all times, shall keep social distancing and be wearing a mask.

Please disregard this message if you requested a different handlebar at point of purchase.

If you on sold your bicycle, could you kindly forward this message to the new owner.

At the moment due to the Victorian Government lockdown restrictions, workshop day to day shop sales activities are temporarily discontinued. What is permitted is provide bicycle repair and critical maintenance. Also respectfully, I am not able to let you visit inside the workshop. I am able to collect the bicycle at front door and return it. If you have any concerns I can replace the handlebar on side of Johnston Street (in front of the workshop). As mentioned earlier, it takes around 10 minutes to do a handlebar changeover.

Sincerely apologise about any inconveniences this recall may have caused. It is important as a small bike workshop to make sure that you are riding a very safe bike. Since you put your trust in the small workshop to offer you good bike would honour the pledge to give you a good bike.

Thank you for deciding to ride an i am free bicycle.

Nexus 3 speed drivetrain

added on :: 1 April 2018




This my drivetrain with sprockets from the Nexus 3 speed gearing system. Front chain wheel is 44T and at the workshop rear sprocket is 20T, Sometimes 21 teeth or can also come with 18T. The chain width is 1/8". 


Drivetrain is the like the heart. Look after it. Treat it right. So don’t break my heart….. i don’t want to get a broken heart…. Do you think broken hearts can be mended. I know for sure with bicycles you can fix a drivetrain by applying spare parts. i think it is a bit different with people. Their feelings are bit complicated than mine. 


So with chains keep it clean, apply oil at least fortnightly and keep an eye out for chain tension. Please don’t ride a bicycle with a dragging chain.


True love lies within me. 


i am a bicycle and my hear is  pure.

Announcement: precautionary recall of 2016 Paratrooper type bicycle and 2017 Jan-Sep i am free girl bicycle

added on :: 1 December 2017




Writing this regarding two bicycle models that was offered  via workshop and online.    Decided to do a precautionary recall on two models and I am sincerely sorry about this.


This is a precautionary recall and if you ride the bicycle as it was offered with mudguards, the bicycle is very safe to ride. Can guarantee that your safety was never compromised. 


This precautionary recall only applies to two models and they are

http://iamfree.com/bicycles/matte-black-chromoly-city-bicycle    (apply to bikes model: Paratrooper style bicycle sold between between 31 July 2016 - 11 March 2017)

http://iamfree.com/bicycles/i-am-free-girl-matte-black-chromoly-frame-step-through-bicycle (i am free girl apply to bikes sold between between 22 January 2017 to 09 September2017). i am free girl bikes sold after 1 December 2017 has new replacement fork.



The main reason for the recall is, found out that some customers of the above bicycles decided to remove the front mudguard bolt (mudguard  bolt is located at the point where mudguard meets the fork). This mudguard mount bolt  acts as a safety bolt.  By removing that bolt may saved 30grams but by keeping it would acts as a safety bolt. Also these mudguards are really light weight. So for reasons that I cannot explain some customers remove the mudguards and that bolt. Also if the mudguards were removed and the bolt was left, still that safety bolt gets removed on a later day. 


The above mentioned bikes has a lugged type fork.  With lugged type, it users a method called brazing to join metal parts. This method has been used for hundreds of years and its quite common in bicycle manufacturing. So if in case there was any failure in the fork that mudguard bolt acts as the safety until you get an opportunity get the bike checked. This original fork has five safeties in built.



I can guarantee you that the fork is the only part of the above bikes that was manufactured by using brazing type. Brazing type is much expensive. Good material and skilled welders there is no functional difference between the brazing or TIG(tungsten inert gas) welding. Brazing looks good.  Rest of the bike is welded in TIG welded. 



Above two bicycle models are the only bicycles that was offered with lugged type fork. All the other bicycles are TIG welded and comes with the larger 1 -1/8" Threadless forks. With TIG welding, the welded joint is stronger than the parts it is welding. So those forks are fine. If the bike came with mudguards please keep them and if you remove them please keep the mudguard bolt/safety bolt.


The above bicycles were manufactured by one of the largest and reputable bicycle manufactures in China. I met up with the owner and as for him couple of two large Australian bicycle brands sources their bicycles from this company and I did checked up on this.  Their main buyers are based in Europe. The above bicycles came from the same production line. Did lots of due diligence prior to sourcing from them.


Please refer to  the image associated to this post regarding the new replacement fork.


With the new fork there is a new TIG welded mount that goes across the fork. Welded on the inside as well outside for extra strength. So even if owner of the bike decide to remove the front mudguard, the mudguard mount/ safety bolt the new mount would act as the safety incase forks joint fails. 


This product recall costed a lot in terms of financially and also time wise. As a bicycle company iamfree.com take your safety very seriously and would not compromise your safety. Again I can guarantee that if you ride the bike as it is without any modifications you would be perfectly fine. I rode one of these bikes for around 7 months at least 6 days a week and each ride about  one and a half hours. Also I rode above mentioned Paratrooper type bicycle this morning with the original forks in busy streets of Melbourne. I personally think it is a very good bike and as long you ride the bike as it was offered and do not modify it or remove any nuts and bolts it would be very good. If you have any doubts please refer to http://iamfree.com/owners_manual


At the workshop there are same amount of forks that matches to bikes that was sold so plenty of forks are available. It would take only about 1/2 hour or less to do the change and it is highly recommend that you change the fork of your bike. It is done free of charge.  If you can do the replacement yourself would hand in a new fork free of charge.


Please bring in the bike as soon as possible. Workshop is open during the week 10am to 6:00pm (summer months).  Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5:00pm. If that time is not convenient for you please nominate a time and I shall make sure that I'll be here. If you are around 20kms from Fitzroy happy to visit you and get this fork change over done free of charge(if so please give me a time before 9am and after 6:30pm).  


If you have already sold the bike and know who to  please let them know about this information. If you are interstate or country Victoria based please let know. I would mail the new fork. Fee for a fork change over at a bike shop  should cost around $30 or $40. I would reimburse your fee up to $40 upon sending a copy of your receipt (interstate or country Victoria customers only).

If you have one of the above mentioned bicycles and does not have a receipt or you purchased the bicycle second hand. Please bring in the bicycle and shall install the fork free of charge. If you are based interstate and does not have a receipt can post the fork for $35 and you have to bear the cost of replacement.

Thank you very much for trusting an iamfree bicycle. This product recall is done in good faith. Knowing that it is the right thing to do and would not compromise anyones safety what so ever.  I am very sorry about any inconveniences caused by this precautionary recall. Please reply this email or contact me on bellow listed numbers for any further clarifications.

Thank you

anthony de silva


Setting up a bicycle that you purchased in a box - 12 steps

added on :: 6 October 2016

At the showroom bikes are sold fully assembled, tested and ready to ride. Online interstate sales, bike would arrive in a box. Here is how to set it up.

Intestate sale or delivered bikes (deliver via StarTrack couriers) - these bikes would be sent after conducting a full test. That means firstly bike in a box get unboxed at the showroom. Then adjust and tune the gears. Adjust and reposition hydraulic disc brakes and test the bike. Make sure all is in order. Then repackage and ship. So it is guaranteed that you get a good bike. Bellow are some how to videos for further assistance.

1. Remove the bike from the box. Remove all the cable ties.

2. Inflate the tyres to 85 PSI.

3. Mount the bike to a repair stand.

4. Insert the quill stem to the head tube.. Keep an eye out for that minimum insertion line

This is very good  youtube video on how to

5. Re position the handlebar so it is upright and make sure it is centered and then properly tighten the bolt.

6. Reposition and tighten the front hydraulic disc brake unit (this is already done prior to sending the bicycle)

This is one of the best videos that I have seen on this.

7.Install the front mudguard

8.Install the pedals.

9.Adjust or tune the front gears. This is the best video that I have come across when it comes to  front derailleur adjustment. (this is already done prior to sending the bicycle)

10. Adjust the rear gears. This is a good video re: the rear derailleur (this is already done prior to sending the bicycle)

11. Install the seat

12. Install the bell, front reflector and rear reflector.

Thank you

Introducing a bicycle called Fly away with me.

added on :: 25 July 2016

When you are obsessed with bicycles you always look out for inspiration and trying to see what is out there and what was out there. One of those days I came across this bicycle "BSA airborne bicycle", That was it. Just know when you see something beautiful. I knew that bike likes me soon as I saw it.  Just like dogies, they sense the people that like dogies. Weeeeel sorry to bring that in to this. I am a huge huge vintage bike fan. There is so much inspiration and craftsmanship in them.


Now next thought was how can I get this bike to relive. Then I found out there are many who has done it. So I am not the only one. So thought rather than do a replica, see if I can modify this to match some of todays bikes geometry and look. Saying that did lots and lots of research on this bike. Why BSA made this bike as it was. Whether there are any patent issues.. Now the best part of this bike is back in the day during the height of the second world war British Army was looking for a freedom machine to hand in to the paratroopers. Jump and fly away with the bike, land, hop on one of these and run for your life.


Also they wanted one bike to rule them all. That is to fit all solders from all walks of life. Big, small, tall, short. So they came up with this genius idea to have round frame and also to fold it in the centre during the jump. Soon as you land quick set up and go. Also fit the bike to anyone. Now this modified version cannot be bended. It is stiff as a nut. Also there are some motorised versions of this bicycle was done back in day as well and they are quite rare.


So that is the inspiration, take that bike, give some todays touch and add modern components. So did the first designs, did not work out as planned. Also I wanted to bring this bike under 500 Aussie dollars. I tried my heart out get it with SRAM X5. But that was a no go. Reason is the cost. When the factory came up with the price, my heart sank in. Also  still no agreement on the frame. Going back to drawing board many, many times. Weeeeelll drawing board in forms of computer. So after lots and lots of back and forth design iterations on the frame, components and the look.

When it comes to the frame, was set on Chromoly. Now Chromoly should be the default when it comes to frame. It is ultra strong. Just like Alloy it is a mix of ingredients with steel. Chromoly is the workhorse of steel and is a mix of steel with Chromium, Molybdenum, Carbon, Manganese, Sulphur and Phosphorus. So with this bicycle the steel grading is Chromoly 4130. Chromoly would absorb more of the road vibration as well as would give you a solid ride. Chromoly would make all your wildest dreams come true.


You should see the factory's welding job (hope this may not sound like a tease). It looks like each bike has been given a special attention than they have to. You can say a frame quality soon as you lay your eyes on the frame welding job. Some places you cannot even say whether it is weld or not. As they say dodgy welding bike companies would normally last same as the time their frame last. To be honest cannot be more happier with the frame.


Other than than the Frame this bicycle is equipped with components made by reputable companies. I was so exited to add SRAM components. I am a huge huge fan of SRAM. Been one for a looooong time. The drive train is SRAM X4. It is 24 speed. Cassette is 11T to 32T (T for teeth:). Also SRAM crankset (crank-wheel) 28Tx38Tx48T with a 175mm crank arm. So with 11 x 48 combination is good for a race, and 32T 28T would take you up any mountain. Also been testing heavily since getting my hands on this bike. It is a Joy to ride. I kid you not gear changing is a breeze. These sorts of gears few years ago were on super super high end models. Now you can have the same experience without remortgaging your backyard shed.


Then comes the paint job. Now this bike has the mattest of the matte black. Normally some bikes say i am matte black. Now they are lying. It is semi matte black. Now this bike has the matte matte black. Factory has done a very good paint job. Sometimes you wait for a bike delivery and the colour is not what you requested, with this one they got it double right. If you ended up with one of these pushies please thank the factory first. They are the one who did all the hard work.


Brakes, I am big fan of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. It is made by TRP a big big company that makes brakes for high end bikes. So Tektro comes from the same innovative place. Tekreo brakes are quite reliable and durable. They would last for a fair amount of time.


So other than that this bike has ultra light weight alloy mudguards. The coolest quill stem, A good quality Velo brand seat. Double wall alloy wheels. And a good quality set of Kenda tyres. As you can see parts are from reliable companies.


Now the sales pitch. Please buy one and be happy.


With all due respect please visit the Showroom in Fitzroy and give it a test ride and see if you like it. If you don't like, I would understand that and can you please let me know why you don't like it. That way I can learn, improve and grow to be a better bicycle man. Can I please be your preferred bicycle person.


Anyways I have been testing this bike on rain and sunshine heavily. I really like how it operates. I have ridden a loooooot of bikes in my living years. I swear on my big brown eyes this is the best bicycle I have ever ridden. It is joy to ride. I would really like you to experience that as well. For what ever reason you think it does not work out for you within first two weeks of purchase, please feel free to return, shall give all your money back. I would rather keep them here.


As for logos on the frame, there is the "The last chosen one" on the front of the bike and smaller version of him at the back. Also there is a small sticker with the company name on the top tube. If you don't like them please let know, I'll paint over them  or please feel free to paint over them and I shall still honor the warranty. 


I sincerely hope you would like these bikes. It is that I did lots and lots of work on this bike. I was so exited to see these bikes and on the date of delivery I was up all night. Could not go to sleep. Waited for ever to see them. Better stop for now with my bike ramblings;-) Now that these bikes are here, very happy to offer one for you.