Matte White city commuter bicycle

Very sorry to say this bike model is all sold out


  • A likable lightweight alloy frame, hi-tensile steal fork, colour: matte white. 15 frame mounts
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 8 speed Shimano gearing system with Shimano Acera derailleur, Altus Shifter with latest SIS indexing system. PROWHEEL Crankset
  • 700C alloy double wall wheels, Kenda tyres, JoyTech hubs with quick release skewers
  • 1 year warranty on parts 2 1/2 years warranty on the frame
  • Alloy parts: seatpost, handlebar, stem
  • Alloy mudguards, kickstand
  • Made in China under strict German standards as Factory's main market is Europe. So this bicycle comes from the same production line.


This bicycle is built with alloy 6061 lightweight frame and a hi-tensile steal fork for extra strength. The bicycle comes with lots of quality components and is painted in Matte White. The matte white is pure matte without any shine at all. All other components are matte black including mudguards. So it is a monochrome bicycle. I was told by a lady German Tourist she would pack this bike on her luggage and take it home with her. She think it looks nice so please like it ;-)


It has a 18 inch frame. So it is a medium frame. Also this is an unisex frame. It has 3 adjustment points. First being the seat post. The seat post is 35 cm. So it is quite long. Also the seat itself can be adjusted in form of position and the angle. Also thanks to spaces in the handlebar it can be shifted further down to fit not so tall people. I believe this bicycle would suit people who are 5 foot 2 inches (155CM) to even taller than 6 foot 1 inch (185 CM). Saying this because of this bikes angled road bike geometry.

The factory measured weight is 12.6KG (that's including complementary mudguards and the kickstand, without those it should be around 11.9 KG)


Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc brakes. Tektro brakes are second to non. Proper work horses. Being hydraulic disc brakes, they are responsive and reliable. Stainless steel discs


The bicycle has a 8 speed Shimano gearing system with Shimano Acera derailleur, Altus Shifter so it comes with mid range Shimano components. The drivetrain has innovative SIS (Shimano index shifting) for accurate gear changing. It is quite responsive and the gear changing as well the sound that comes from the unit sounds pretty much like a top of the range gear system.

I do understand that this is 8 gears. So how about the hills you may ask. Well the 44 teeth crank coupled with a 11T - 32T cassette makes it quite easy to climb hills. I have climbed the Melbourne Tan track hill on 4th gear. Also I pull a 20 Kilo advertising trailer and it goes up the Northcote hill quite easily. So hill climbing is no issue on this bike. I can grantee that it is not a selling gimmick. If it is not true I'll give you your money back.

Crank: PROWHEEL Crankset 44T x 170mm black colour with chain-guard. This is a good quality Crankset.


700C x 36H x 14G, alloy double wall wheels. Colour: matte black

Hub: Good quality JoyTech hubs with quick release skewers. JoyTech hubs has a very good reputation among cycling enthusiasts

Tyres 700C x 28C, KENDA (inflatable up to 85 PSI). Kenda tyres are durable and default choice of tyres in may high end brands as well.

Spokes: Stainless steel, 14G - matte black


There are 15 mounts on the bicycle

Rack (6 mounts, 4 for back , 2 for front)

Mudguards (mudguards comes with the bicycle) (7mounts)

Bottle holder mounts (2)

I am free bicycles likes to give more

Alloy mudguards - custom designed matte black with fully adjustable and bendable mudguard stayers for any adjustments.

Alloy kickstand

A nice bell

Wheel reflectors

Handlebar reflector and back reflector

So that is what you get. So for being that generous what would I like. I would like to see you happy and part with sum of your funds. It is very reasonably priced. That above mentioned German lady said in Germany it would easily cost more than 1000 Euros. You see this bicycle is made under strict German standards so quality wise it is not compromised. We are happy with the price given. It is that we design our own bikes and our partner factory gives a very good deal to bring their bikes to Australia. I hope this bicycle would serve you for a looooooong time.


Very well understand that you like to be treated with respect and gratitude for purchasing a bike from this humble workshop. Saying that if there is a mechanical failure you would be covered under a 1 year warranty. This includes gear system, brakes as such. Other consumable items such as tyres, tubes, brake pads are not covered under this warranty. The frame is under 2 1/2 years warranty. Also other than the above warranty you are covered under consumer guarantee rights under Australian consumer law. Would honour your rights fully.

Bicycles sold at the store are fully assembled and ready to ride. There are few bikes already setup and looking forward to serve. Very happy to offer a test ride. If you like a bicycle, you are very welcome to purchase that bicycle on the spot.

If you purchased a bicycle online and would like it delivered then, the bike would come in a box and 85% assembled so not that difficult to setup. It is highly recommended that newly assembled shipped bike gets double checked by a professional or get built by a professional bike mechanic. Before shipping we would unbox a bicycle and do some checks. That way you would have a minimum setup. Also a peace of mind from us knowing that all is well before a bike being sent.

Thank you very much.