Matte black Chromoly city bicycle

Very sorry to say this bike model is all sold out


Product Notification

There is a precautionary product recall on this bicycle and that is relation to the fork. There is no fault or manufacturing defects on this bike if you ride the bike as it was provided.

The reason for the precautionary recall is, found out that some customers of this bicycles decides to remove the front mudguard bolt (mudguard bolt is located at the point where mudguard meets the fork). This mudguard mount bolt acts as a safety bolt. By removing that bolt may saved 30grams but by keeping it would acts as a safety bolt. Also these mudguards are really light weight. So for reasons that I cannot explain some customers remove the mudguards and that bolt. Also if the mudguards were removed and the bolt was left, still that safety bolt gets removed on a later day.

If you can bring this bike to the workshop shall get the fork replacement done free of charge. If you are interstate or country Victoria based please get in touch via email or phone. More information about this precautionary product recall is here - Paratrooper style bicycle sold between between 31 July 2016 - 11 March 2017)

In the meantime please keep the mudguards on this bicycle as is and do not remove them. If you decided to remove the mudguards please keep the mudguard mount bolt on the bicycle. Also please keep it in the same place, and tightened. The reason is, with regards to lugged forks this mudguard mount bolt acts as a safety for the fork. So it does two jobs. One being the mudguard mount. Second being the safety for the fork and it increases the strength of the fork joints.

This is done on a voluntary basis and in good faith. Hope this would not look bad or give an impression as a company that is offering inferior quality bicycles. As a bicycle company have and will always put the customers interest first regardless of how much it would cost in terms of financially or reputation wise. If you have any questions please communicate and happy to clarify in greater detail. Thank you

  • Custom designed Chromoly 4130 (Cr-Mo) frame and fork, Colour: matte black. Gender: Unisex, 13 frame mounts. Chromoly is lightweight and ultra strong than steel.
  • SRAM 'X4' (yes SRAM) 24 speed gears.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes - Tektro
  • 700C alloy double wall wheels, Kenda tyres with quick release skewers
  • 1 year warranty on parts 2 1/2 years warranty on the frame
  • Alloy parts: seatpost, handlebar, stem
  • Light weight alloy mudguards, kickstand
  • Designed in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Made in China under strict German standards as Factory's main market is Europe. So this bicycle comes from the same production line.


Now this bike is purely inspired by the BSA paratrooper bicycle. That bicycle was used by the British paratroopers back in the 1940s. They did lots of research on this bicycle and wanted to build a bicycle that would fit to any body type, size and height. Took that bike in to account, modified to fit in to todays world. Saying that lots and lots of frame design iterations were done to match todays modern bicycle geometry, especially racing bicycles and and got settled to the final product.

Height of the center tube is 18 inches. So this bike would be categorised under a medium. With its geometry and the bended top bar this bike would suit anyone between 5' 3" to 6' 2", May be even taller people. The sturdy Chromoly frame would suit anyone really. Not saying this to sell a bicycle. Did lots of research on the bike before it got in to production

I am very glad that the factory did not kick me out for asking for too much. The target was to bring in a bicycle built with Chromoly, SRAM gears and hydraulic disc brakes and also offer it under $400. So this bike is priced at $395. This is a result of it and after lots of negotiations with the factory and if you decided to purchase this bicycle please thank them first.


As the heart of this bicycle which is the frame plus the fork it is made with high quality lightweight Chromoly 4130 (Cr-Mo) . Chromoly is the workhorse of steel and is a mix of steel with Chromium, Molybdenum, Carbon, Manganese, Sulphur and Phosphorus. Chromoly would absorb more of the road vibration as well as would give you a solid ride. Also the frame would last a very long time. With the 24 gear unit, mudguards, the stand the bike would weigh around 13 KG.

The welding on this bicycle is world class. Also please see the bellow image next to the warranty to see the bottom joint.

Colour: Matte black (now this is proper matte black not the semi matte black)


Tektro Hydraulic Disk brakes. They are very good quality, responsive brakes. Also durable. TRP is the high-end division of Tektro, a huge manufacturer of brakes and other bicycle components. Can guarantee that you are getting a reliable set of brakes with Tektro.


Now, this bike has SRAM gears. Saying that again yes it is indeed SRAM 'X4'. 24 Gears in Total. The gears change smoothly and they feel like a super good high-end component set. Really easy to change gears.

SRAM Crankset (Chainset) is 28Tx38Tx48T with a 175mm arms and largest cog is matte black and smaller inner cogs are silver. It also comes with a cover/guard. The cassette is comprised with 8 cogs ranging from 11T to 32T. This crank and cassette combination would give you a wide gear radio options.

SRAM is the Mac in the bicycle world. SRAM is based in Chicargo and they even had Tour de France winners with SRAM groupsets. SRAM is super reliable and very well made. You would see what I am talking about if you are willing to give this bike a test ride.


700C x 36H x 14G, alloy double wall wheels with quick release skewers. Colour: matte black

Tyres 700C x 28C, KENDA (inflatable up to 85 PSI). Kenda tyres are durable and default choice of tyres in may high end brands as well.

Spokes: Stainless steel, 14G - matte black

Maximum rider and any equipment weight limit is 90kg


There are 13 frame mounts on the bicycle

Rack: 4 mounts

Mudguards: 7 mounts (mudguards comes with the bicycle )

Bottle holder mounts (2)

I am free bicycles likes to give more

Alloy mudguards - custom designed matte black with fully adjustable and bendable mudguard stayers. These mudguards are super light weight.

High quality Velo seat (made with a vinyl cover so the bike us fully vegan:-)

Alloy kickstand

A bell

Wheel reflectors

Handlebar reflector and back reflector


Very well understand that you like to be treated with respect and gratitude for purchasing a bike from this humble workshop. Saying that if there is a mechanical failure you would be covered under a 1 year warranty. This includes gear system, brakes as such. Other consumable items such as tyres, tubes, brake pads are not covered under this warranty. The frame is under 2 1/2 years warranty. Also other than the above warranty you are covered under consumer guarantee rights under Australian consumer law. Would honour your rights fully.

Bicycles sold at the store are fully assembled and ready to ride. There are few bikes already setup and looking forward to serve. Very happy to offer a test ride. If you like a bicycle, you are very welcome to purchase that bicycle on the spot.

If you purchased a bicycle online and would like it delivered then, the bike would come in a box and 85% assembled so not that difficult to setup. It is highly recommended that newly assembled shipped bike gets double checked by a professional or get built by a professional bike mechanic. Before shipping we would unbox a bicycle and do some checks. That way you would have a minimum setup. Also a peace of mind from us knowing that all is well before a bike being sent.

Thank you very much.