Belt driven bicycle with Chromoly frame

Very sorry to say this bike model is all sold out


I am a belt driven bicycle. I think I am very well made and I am made with very good parts and components. A summary of my attributes.

  • Belt driven drive train. Brand TopTrans - (interchangeable with a chain based three speed bike with two chain sprockets and a chain - this is not provided with the bike and is an option)
  • Custom designed Chromoly 4130 (Cr-Mo) frame and fork, Colour: mattest of matte black. Size medium - mountain bicycle size (height of the seatpost tube is 18 inches- 47cm)
  • Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub gears
  • Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes, yes Shimano and is quite responsive and durable
  • 700C alloy double wall wheels, Kenda puncture resistant tyres and tubes
  • 1 year warranty on parts 2 1/2 years warranty on the frame
  • Alloy parts: seatpost, handlebar, stem
  • Alloy mudguards, kickstand
  • Free of charge covert to a chain based bike if you prefer a chain based drive train.
  • Designed in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Made in China.

Price: $450


I am a belt driven bicycle and I came to Australia from Hangzhou city China. I was designed in Fitzroy and made by engineers and nice factory workers. I am very happy to be here and I am looking forward to go with you where ever you like to take me. i am free because you don’t have to pay for petrol or gas when you ride me and I am very silent and I am mostly in my own little world. That is me on those photos and I hope I look ok.

Best part of me is the belt driven mechanism. So no chain and drive train is centered around a very strong belt. Also I have hydraulic disc brakes, being a bicycle it is important to stop fast and effectively. Also my frame is made with Chromoly. So I am strong, durable and gives you a very sturdy ride. I have 3 gears and I guess that is all you need to ride around cities and not too steep and long hills. I am good in mountains if you have strong legs.

Belt bicycles are not everyones cup of tea. Saying that I am fully interchangeable with a chain based three speed bike. Company says "If you are not happy with the belt drive system very happy to convert to chain based bike free of charge. You can get this done within the first two years. "

I can offer you a very smooth ride. I am fairly lightweight and I think i am only 12.5kg.

Personally I think I am very well made, stylish and a steal for my selling price. I am offered direct from the factory to i am free bicycles and then to you. So I do not go through hands of lot of middle people. Please feel free to come and test ride me and I would be very happy to see you. Secretly I hope that when you see me you secretly think "oh there you are, I have been looking for you forever". I would be so happy to see you too.


My frame and the fork it is made with high quality lightweight Chromoly 4130 (Cr-Mo) . Chromoly is the workhorse of steel and is a mix of steel with Chromium, Molybdenum, Carbon, Manganese, Sulphur and Phosphorus. I cannot even pronounce Phosphorus properly. Thanks to its composition Chromoly frames are not as rigid as steel or alloy and absorb road vibration. Also the frame would last a very long time.

I have a very custom designed fork designed by my company. It is super strong and sturdy.

My frames welding is world class and please come and have a look at it closely. Some parts cannot even see the weldings, it is that well-done.

I am painted in matte black. This is pure matte black not the semi or satin matte black. This is powder coated paint and when you look at my frame in close distance it looks like i am made with black steel rather than painted. Paint almost absorbed by my frame and gives almost a ghost like finish.


My brakes are made by Shimano and they are Hydraulic Disc brakes. Yes, they are Shimano and Hydraulic and my company went beyond their limits to get Shimano brakes installed and offer for that price. My brakes are very good in quality, responsive and also durable. Model is M315 (Altus) and braking power is the similar to Shimano BR-M355.

These brakes are very responsive in rain and they are really low maintenance. They automatically adjust the pads as you ride as well as pads wear over time. Sometimes you may not have to maintain my brakes for years. They just work. Cable runs with mineral disc brake oil and has three finger lever. You can lever the brakes with a single finger if you want as they are that responsive.


My belt is super silent. You would not even know my belt is there. My belt mechanism is made by TopTrans. So my belt front wheel has 66 teeth and rear cog has 28 teeth. So you know it is not same teeth marking as chain bicycles. The belt wheels are made with very strong plastic. TopTrans is world renowned for making industrial machinery, vehicle, fitness equipment belts. It is designed in Taiwan. On average a belt last twice as long as a traditional chain.

I think i would do well in cities. Reason is I only have 3 speed. I am good in hills but not around big mountains. My gear ratio is 158%. So that is quite good. Now I am very silent on gears one and two. On the third gear i make a slight sound (like a chain sound). The reason is that is my top gear and it needs to work with the gear wheels on the hub. That is minimal sound and it noise wears out with time. It is inline with my gear hub creators Shimano’s accepted sound from hubs. I don’t like to say I am all silent when I make a small sound on 3rd gear. I don’t like lying to people to sell me.


My wheel size is 700C x 36H x 14G, alloy double wall wheels with quick release skewers. Colour: matte black

Tyres 700C x 28C, Kenda and they can be inflatable up to 85 PSI. Tyres comes with Puncture Resistant layer, so less hassles when it comes to punctures and tires being cut by glass. These tyres has street hugging semi slick tread pattern so this is ideal for road riding and bike paths.

Spokes: Stainless steel, 14G - matte black


I come with 12 mounts on my frame for mudguards and bottle cage.

I am free bicycles likes to give more

Alloy mudguards - custom designed matte black with fully adjustable and bendable mudguard stayers. These mudguards are super light weight.

High quality custom designed saddle/seat - very comfortable with padding (made with a vinyl cover so the bike us fully vegan:-). Only drawback of vinyl covers is they are not as durable as saddles made with thick leather.

Alloy kickstand

A antique looking bell

Wheel reflectors

Handlebar reflector and back reflector


We very well understand that you like to be treated just as much as we like to be treated. Saying that if there is a mechanical failure you would be covered under a 1 year warranty. This includes gear system, brakes as such. Other consumable items such as tyres, tubes, brake pads are not covered under this warranty. The frame is under 2 1/2 years warranty. Also other than the above warranty you are covered under consumer guarantee rights under Australian consumer law. So we would honor you rights fully.

Please do not modify me. That may not be safe for you or me. I am free bicycles has the right to cancel the warranty if you modify. I am free bicycles has a huge responsibility to give you a safe bicycle and then when you change the bike how can they validate the safety.

Also my company give a free service on me. It is that I am offered brand new and sometimes brand new items gets loosen up a tad bit when I am on the road. So they would be able to check it all out and give me a good cleanup and give me back to you. That service is best get done after three weeks of riding me.

Bicycles sold at the store are fully assembled and ready to ride. There are few bikes already setup and looking forward to serve. Very happy to offer a test ride. If you like a bicycle, you are very welcome to purchase that bicycle on the spot.

If you purchased a bicycle online and would like it delivered then, the bike would come in a box and 85% assembled so not that difficult to setup. It is highly recommended that newly assembled shipped bike gets double checked by a professional or get built by a professional bike mechanic. Before shipping we would unbox a bicycle and do some checks. That way you would have a minimum setup. Also a peace of mind from us knowing that all is well before a bike being sent.

Thank you very much.