I am free bicycles is at your service to offer very very good quality bicycles at very reasonable prices. We have been offering bicycles since 2015 to customers all throughout Australia. We design our own bicycles as well as some components and bicycles and parts are made and backed by a very large Factory in Hangzhou, China. Company is based out of a store front in Fitzroy (very close to the city of Melbourne - Australia).

In simple terms we design the bicycles and select the component list. Work with the sales and engineering team at the factory to get the product and price right. Then place a large order. Factory sends the bicycles incrementally. So these are factory direct bicycles. No middle companies. By doing most of the planning, designing, manufacturing within us and the partner factory and by ordering large quantities we keep the price down best we can, hence offer you probably the best quality bike and price (bicycle with similar components) in Australia. Can back this up on any given day.

We would very much like to be categorised as an innovative modern independent bicycle company. Still growing and it is a working progress. Our latest bicycle comes with a innovative very custom designed fork and a saddle. Our partner factory makes most of the parts in house, for example handlebars and stems. We only sell our own branded bicycles. It all helps to offer a very good bicycle at a reasonable price.

The bikes we offer are the bikes that we really like riding. Saying that company bikes gets tested heavily and working continuously with the factory to rectify any issues.

Since starting in 2015, only managed to offer one bicycle for the first two weeks. Then on first bike shipment ran out of stock within first 3 months. Since then have been steadily growing and that is thanks to the happy customers in Australia. Thanks to demand peaks ran out of stock couple of times. So we are learning, adapting and looking forward to offering lot more quality bicycles to happy customers.

Hopefully i am free bicycle is the bicycle that makes you happy and brings a smile. Other than offering you a awesome bike, that is the secret plan.

As for i am free as a company, the main focus is to conduct the business in ethical, sustainable, reliable, stable, financially viable and a fair play manner whilst keeping it real. We shall make sure any item that you see and purchase would meet more than what you expected and if you are not happy with your purchase we shall do all our best to rectify and if it is our fault shall give you your money back.

I am free - so what's in a name

"I am free" It is not a personal narcissistic statement. "I am free" as in bicycles perspective (like a talking bicycle:-). If you say "are you really free, thank you for not trying to sell me anything" weeeeeeel actually this company sells things (So you know, best things in life are not things;-). So why you call it i am free. To be honest thought it was a memorable name. Also thought it is a statement that can relate to any person or a bicycle (ahem....). "Hello, I am a bicycle and I like you. I am free from fuel costs, bad emissions and stress. Please take me with you. Thank you"

I am free "So is that really the best name you could come up with?" you may ask. "Yes thanks". In simple terms, respect others then anyone can say i am free. Sorry I am not going to give you a lecture about freedom. In simple terms, I guess we are all people and we are all born free and have the right to feel free. Just like the next person, we have the right to live free as long as we greatly value others freedom. Because of you, i am free. As much as i like to say i am free 100%, in the real world we live in, every day we struggle with all sorts of people issues where we have to stand and fend for ourselves which comes with huge challenges and great sacrifices. But always our dreams will be free, thoughts will be free and hoping for betters days will be free, and a smile would always be free.

Respect other peoples privacy and space. respect others personal space, respect... respect .... respect..... people. Dont be an ahole :-) Also if you don't pay much attention to negative vibes and negative things people say or negative gestures you would be more free. And try to give than expect anything for free. Once a little birdy told me that I get to keep what I give :-)

Give peace, smiles and be nice on a bike

Thank you