The honest bicycle shop - 54 Johnston Street, Fitzroy.
Open 10AM - 6PM everyday

Our bikes are designed right here in charming Fitzroy, Melbourne with lots of care and made by our partner factory in beautiful China.

We only make bikes that we like to ride and buy. Also we only sell our own branded bikes and fanatically obsessed not to sell you inferior (crappy) products.

Come and say hello to us at 54 Johnston Street, Fitzroy and we would be happy to see you. The shop is on a 5 year lease so hoping to be here for sometime. So you know we won't take your money and run :-) Will honor your warranty claims fully. Guaranteed.

Sincerely hope you would like these quality affordable bicycles.

thank you

Disclaimer 1 - by design the bike means, bicycles look and components selection and not trying to take the credit for designing the bicycle:-) the existing frame got sorted back in 1930s so thanking to the awesome souls from back in the day.
Disclaimer 2 - We, our, us, me, I means I am free bicycles business as a trading entity.
Disclaimer 3 - Shop is open everyday from 10 am to 6pm. You are very welcome here. The bikes are really good, there is one issue - that is the person who is selling them is not good looking. So hope you don't mind that :-) He would not bother you trying to sell things to you. May say hello to welcome you in to this humble shop. If you talk to him, he'll talk back. Please ask anything you like, so he'll come out of his shy world and be nice to you.
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